Latonia Phipps

Stats: 5’8”
Degree: MFA Theatre Arts Brooklyn College
Location: New York, NY
Willing to travel (Passport)


Measure for Measure      Mistress Overdone/Mariana  The Public Theater

Blackout03!                       Tiffany                                        Here Arts

Autumn Harvest              Autumn/Lady Soul                    Jade King Caroll (LCE)

Supernatural                    KeeKee                                       Players Theater (U/S Kim Coles)

Children of Killers            Esperance                                  Castillo Theater (Katori Hall)

All American Girls            Esther                                         National Black Theater Festival

With Aarons Arms…        Madeline                                    Negro Ensemble Company

The Colored Museum     Woman 1                                   The Crossroads Theater

In The Blood                     Hester                                         Brooklyn College

Wait Until Dark                 Suzy                                            Ivorryton Playhouse

Transparent Falsehood  Ivanka  Trump                                  

                                          (Katori Hall Workshop Series)

Our lady of Kibeho         Alphonsine Girl 1                       Dir. Kwame Kwei-Armah

Pussy Valley                     Autumn                                       Arena Stages

Rwanda 2014                  Seamstress 1                              Arena Stages

Blood Quilt                      Amber                                          Arena Stages

Saturday Night...             Jackie                                           Arena Stages



Conversational Spanish

Southern, Jamaican, Puerto Rican,

RP British, Brooklyn


Hip-Hop Dance,

Balance on one shoulder, Yoga, Beat-Boxer, Free-style Rapping, Slam Poetry, Passed SAFD/ Unarmed Combat.


Have You Seen Calvin?    Roxy         Kinetic Films
Teamwork                         Anchor     Human Resources Media

Didn’t I ask For Tea?        Paige         Black Story Films

Baby Face                         Brooklyn   SVA Student Film
Good Deeds                     Paris          Shard Films


Game of Things       Edgy  Girl                 Play Monster

Audible                     Commedienne        Sound Distillery
Mac & Izzy                Sonia                         Nikelodeon

Training & Workshops

Brooklyn College (M.F.A. In Acting); S.U.N.Y Brockport (B.F.A in Acting).

  • Instructors: Acting: Mark Blum, Marybeth Easley; Speech: Charlotte Fleck; Stage Combat: Michael Chin.


Eugene National Theater Institute & St. Petersburg Russian Theater Arts Academy Alum.

  • Instructors: Acting: Michael Cadman & David Jaffee; Russian Movement: Rachel Jet


Upright Citizens Brigade complete diversity improv program


Acting Coach: Rosalyn Coleman

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