Solo Performance Workshops

After creating my One Woman Show, "Fishin'In Brooklyn," in 2005, a 28 character journey toward self discovery. I felt more empowered in casting rooms and booking opportunities quickly increased. Instead of waiting on the industry I brought the industry to me.


In my workshops you'll learn to:

  • Use the story that's already inside of you.

  • Empower yourself and  your career.

  • Create and share your self-written story with others.

  • Move your career forward with a brand you've created.

What I Offer?
  • Solo Performance and/ or Public Speaking  Worshops for one on one sessions or groups.

  • 1 hour to 1.5 hour sesions.

  • Rates range per project.         Contact for more information.

Public Speaking

Confident Public Speaking is not about putting on an act but finding that inner spark within you that will capture an audience and make you memorable. There are many acting techniques that can help you stretch into the full and fearless parts of your inner inspiring speaker. By utilizing theater exercises and techniques, for public speaking, you'll find yourself being bolder, more memorble, and more fearless than you ever dreamed of.

In these one one one or group sesions you'll learn to:

  • Master your speaking anxiety.

  • Develop your stage presence.

  • Use performance body language. 

  • Embrace your voice like its your BFF.

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